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Your heat pump works hard to keep your space at the right temperature.

Unlike air conditioners, the outdoor unit on heat pumps doesn’t get the season off when the temperatures cool down.

Instead, your heat pump works all year to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That constant effort can lead to the need for repairs.

If that time does come, Lakeside Heating & Air is happy to help. We can work on most any heat pump. We work hard to make your space comfortable again as soon as possible.

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Five Signs Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Serviced

Now that you have heard some of the root causes of heat pump damage, it might be helpful to hear how those issues make themselves known. Here are some prevalent signs something is faulty with your heat pump.

1. Heat Pump Covered in Ice

During the frigid days of winter, it’s possible that your outdoor unit will have a bit of ice buildup. When this happens, your unit should switch into a defrost cycle and reverse the refrigerant to melt the ice. If your entire unit is covered in ice and won’t defrost, you have an issue that needs professional attention.

2. Heat Pump is Short Cycling